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The Hancock studio exhibits our artisanship across a refined, and luxurious collection. Our team has decades of experience crafting garments for the world’s most innovative designers; culminating in the finest high quality, low footprint pieces. Our retail offering showcases the very best of the work that has put us on the map.

These are the garments we put our name to.

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Our Factory

Our factory is located 15 miles northeast of Glasgow, Scotland. Everything we produce is made here. North Lanarkshire and its people are the backbone of Hancock; with many of our coat-makers, cutters, and machinists coming from one extended family. What we do is in our blood. We invest in the professional development of our employees with the objective of nurturing their talent, and growing the skills synonymous with our local region.

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Our Process

Everything we create is imagined, designed, sampled, and produced in our factory; from t-shirts, to our exclusive handmade, rubber-bonded raincoats. We believe in the craft of our workforce, and we know that in order to produce garments of the highest quality, we do this best when we work closely together.

Our rubber-bonded raincoats are our signature garment. They are not made anywhere else in the world, and are handmade in the literal sense. Many designers use the term “handmade” to describe their production process, but the statement is rarely true.

Our expert coat-makers use their index finger to smear a rubber solution on all seams and hemlines, only stitching on key stress points for reinforcement. The result — a coat that’s truly made by hand.

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We operate on a ‘reuse and repair’ approach, progressively improving our environmental performance as a manufacturer by empowering our customers to follow the example we set. Our handmade products have a lifetime repair service, leading to a reduction in waste, resource, and material usage.

Over the years, the Hancock team have worked increasingly with local textile mills to craft low-footprint products; from reprocessed wools, to plant based waxes and fabrics produced from tree cellulose. We are driven to make the fashion industry a better place for all. We use raw and processed materials with the utmost care and consideration, working closely with our suppliers as we move towards our goal of being a truly sustainable business.

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Hancock Studio is named after Thomas Hancock, who founded the British rubber industry in the 19th century.

Whilst working in the stagecoach business, Hancock experimented with waterproofed fabrics, leading to the construction of a rubber masticator machine. This ultimately led to the viability of rubber as a commercial product. Partnering with Charles Macintosh, Hancock began producing rubberised clothing using a process that remains largely unchanged 175 years later.

Hancock Studio is the only outerwear company in the world working with the original bonding mill used by Hancock and Macintosh since their innovation captured the world’s attention.

As dedicated creatives, we take inspiration from the generations of skilled artisans who came before us, while constantly striving towards the development of innovative products.

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